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One of the most important and beautiful things about this process is that at no time am I going it alone. My fiance, my family, and my friends have been amazing every step of the way, and no matter how difficult it’s been, they’ve made every one of those steps lighter. I’ve also benefited from knowledge shared by total strangers who’ve gone before me. Not everyone who’s helped me out has an internet presence, but some of them do, and I want to thank them here.

First, friends — people I know personally from various corners of life. They struck out on their own to follow their passions and they’re doing it well. They’re my role models and I’m endlessly grateful for them.


And now, strangers (although I’ve had contact with a few of these folks, on post comments or internet forums or by email). They, too, deserve some of the credit for where I am and where I’m going.

  • James Altucher, whose book Choose Yourself is what finally kicked my ass over from thinking “Writing is a fun hobby, maybe I’ll write a real book someday” to “I CAN AND WILL DO THIS NOW”
  • Scott Dinsmore, Live Your Legend, who inspires and encourages others with every post he writes (and, when I went through my internet bookmarks to make this list, I found that I’d bookmarked this post 3 different times)
  • Rachel Aaron, novelist, author of the amazingly useful book 2K to 10K and the amazingly useful writing blog Pretentious Title
  • Ray Bradbury, whose book Zen and the Art of Writing is one of the closest things to a religious text that I have
  • Sean, Johnny, and Dave, Self-Publishing Podcast and authors of Write. Publish. Repeat., giving straightforward, no-bullshit lessons on how this self-publishing thing is done
  • Jason Zook, Jason Does Stuff, showing how even crazy pie-in-the-sky ideas can come down to earth and become real
  • Leo Babauta, Zen Habits, who never fails to cut right to the core of what’s really important
  • David Cain, Raptitude, meticulous explorer and recorder of the human experience (absolute truth right here)
  • Oriah Mountain Dreamer, lighting the path from the inner self to the meaning of life (whenever I’m off track, her poem The Call never fails to put me back on it)
  • Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar columns and (new!) podcast, which are nothing but the real truth about life, art, and everything
  • Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim, who deals mostly in relationship advice, but also quite a lot of life advice, especially about learning to trust  your gut — something I’m finally getting the hang of
  • Lauretta Hannon, The Cracker Queen, who quit her job to write books too!
  • Steve Chou, My Wife Quit Her Job, telling the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious about self-employment
  • Mark Manson at his eponymous site, punching the hard questions of life in the mouth
  • Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income, the first person to put the crazy thought in my head that maybe people who aren’t mega-geniuses can get off the hamster wheel and quit the rat race
  • Jon Morrow, Boost Blog Traffic, the most ruthlessly awesome coach there is in the game of blog promotion

And one more thing: Thanks to you, for reading my words.

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