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Till Now, I Always Got By On My Own

January 28, 2015

Girl stage diving.


The title is a patent lie, of course. Extraordinarily few people get by on their own. I certainly haven’t. (I do dig Heart, though.)

I’ve already run my mouth (fingers?) about my fiance, Thorn and Drum, other friends, and the kindness of strangers.┬áToday I’ve added a new feature to my menu bar: Thanks. This is where I name names. This is where I tell you about the awesome people who inspired to me to change my life and turn my dreams into reality.┬áSome are personal friends. Most don’t know I exist. But they all deserve the credit.

Click here, and see what inspires you too.

2 thoughts on “Till Now, I Always Got By On My Own

  1. Love to see all of the people that are in support! The longer your journey, the longer that list at the top will grow and I’m pumped to follow along.

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